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IBMS (Integrated Building Management System)
IBMS - Integrated Building Management System is a programmed arrangement installed in buildings to manage and monitor different functions of the premise such as Power Systems, Fire Detection System, Surveillance and Security System, Lifts, Elevators, Aeration, Alarm, Access Control System. This system crossing point integrates various systems for quick co-ordination and better control. At present Huge Buildings, Offices, Malls, Airports, Shopping Centers, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels require comprehensive monitoring and faster operations.
Our Building Management System is a one stop solution for all kinds of services. Maintenance and operation for smooth functioning of huge premises is a tedious job where handsome experience and building facility management is required.
Gas Suppression Systems also called as Fire Extinguishers utilize chemical force and inert gas to stub out fire. With the breakdown of fire in a premise or any area where things go out of control and haywire an automatic system to stop the fire is very much essential. Once fire is extinguished with this suppression system quickly, the recovery time money and energy is also required less with minimum damage to property. Commonly used kind of Suppression Systems are the Full Mounted Standpipe and Sprinklers or Cylinders
How It Operates
Modern infrastructure requires automated services for smooth functioning. A combination of hardware and software IBMS configuration operates in a chronology using protocols and standard devices to maintain efficient Security Systems, Lightning, Alarms, Fire Detection with Prevention, Energy Usage, Ventilation taking in consideration the environment, footfalls, and location of the premises/building. The Building Management System functions with the co-ordination of three major interface namely the Building Automation, a centralized Server and Security System which includes Surveillance and Access Control System, management of the visitors.
A common link between all the major functions is operated and managed to bring optimum control at all levels normally and also in case of emergencies.
Customized application as per the need of any location or building ensures optimum allocation of funds.
Our integrated service system and operating stability ensures continuous and even execution of all service based applications and utilities.
Safety and security of assets and building area one of the challenges is managed efficiently through surveillance systems and access control system.
Software based application gives error free control and monitoring of entire area through single integrated system at one watch.
At Black Hawk, We have partnered with leading brands like Azbil Corporation to provide world class IBMS (Integrated Building Management System) to any Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property. We help you identify the best solutions for your specific requirements and provide customized services. For additional information, you can reach us at (Tel No:+91 22 26733039 / 26732036) or send your enquiries to info@blackhawk.co.in
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